About Us

About us

We are standing in the 21st century

At which time the price of the product is increasing day by day, it is going to be very difficult for the people to maintain their lives.

To make people's life easier, successful and happy,Linkgen Business provide wide range business opportunity according to the requirement of the customers & distributors.

Our business model is developing the people& provides the opportunity to create a bright future in the network Industries. Anyone can create a golden future through this business model.

Linkgen Business

"Participate with us for winning from today and give life to your tomorrow" .

Call it the business of "word of mouth" and "referral marketing system" perfectly matched with a teamwork of strong,skilled,and experienced professionals, as well as highly dedicated ethical management, fully committed to perform better, faster and closer.


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More About Us

More about us

Newage trade mission private limited ( brand name - NTM WOrld ) company is leading firm in ayurveda herble product retailing, we have 10 and more than 10 type of product in health and food suppliment category ,we are focus on supply a low cost product with highly quality it in. ntm also support to people of nation to live a healthy lifestyle.

our product is very usefull and result oriented , our moto to become a largest indursties in health sector, we are offerring a business opportunity to our partner and franchisee holder, we have a corparate office in bhopal madhya pradesh ,and our registerd office in pipariya,madhya-pradesh.